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Signage of the Cycle Loop

The eight stages of the GR-208 ‘Cycle Loop of the Central Mountain’ are totally signposted along the 166,1 kilómetres of the itinerary, allowing the perfect direction of the cyclist and hiker.

The signage is composed mainly by direction indicators formed by high posts and arrows, which are in the main crossings. There are also direction milestones in the secondary turnings.

At the beginnig of every stage there are boards with their basic information and a small description of the itinerary accompnied by a setting map and a graphic with the corresponding profile  Al inicio de cada etapa se encontraran paneles con la información básica de la misma y una pequeña descripción del recorrido, que irá acompañada de un mapa de situación y de un gráfico con el perfil correspondiente.

Each of the Loop stages is signposted  in both direction of the walk, so the user can choose the itinerary to be done.

You can download the pictogram with the Cycle Loop signage clicking here.

BICI Direccion sign posts for cycling

imagen15Turn to the left 
imagen14Good direction 
imagen13Turn to the right 
  Directional sign posts for hikingSENDERISTA


imagen12 Continuity of the path
imagen11Direction Change

imagen10Wrong direction
In short paths (PR)

imagen9 Continuity of the path
imagen8Direction Changeimagen7Wrong direction
ICONO MONTAÑAOther sign posts

imagen6Suitable for hikers                
imagen5 Suitable for cyclists                    
imagen3Not suitable for children             
imagen4Animals must be carried with a leash
imagen2Use the trash bins
imagen1Don't light campfires
imagen16Location of MTB Centres