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Rules of the Loop

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The responsibility of what could happen during the enjoyment of the routes lies on the users.

The region and the city halls don't take responsibility for certain risks that could be taken over, such as dangerous descents, falls...


Advices of use

  • Try to keep the environment clean, don’t throw litter during your route and help to keep the environmental quality of our landscape
  • Pay attention to the sign posts and try to follow the marked routes
  • Always respect all the signals, avoiding any loutish act
  • The Loop passes mainly through a mountain area, be aware of the weather, especially in case you do the stages in winter
  • Respect the natural and cultural heritage which the Loop goes through
  • Don’t forger you mobile phone if you decide to travel alone
  • Plan your journeys, using maps and traces you have at your disposal on our website
  • Remember that you can find some animals during the route and try not to disturb them with your presence
  • It is important to travel being insured. In order to do this, process your licence through the convenient federation
  • The cyclists must have into account that they can run into hikers, respect them and give them preference
  • If you travel by bike, don’t forget your helmet. Safety first
  • Be specially careful during the descents
  • Try to take always with you a tools kit in case of a possible breakdown
  • Respect the traffic signals when you temporarily pass through roads open to the traffic
  • Don’t forget to take food and water with you if you intend to do a long journey. Eat and drink whenever you need it
  • If you can, take your camera with you. Enjoy the landscape and discover very beautiful settings during the itinerary
  • Each user is responsible for its own physical condition and must have into account the difficulty of the stage, surface of the route…