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Montaña Central (Central Mountain)

Tourist Information Points:

The Montaña Central (Central Mountain) region has the following tourist information points:

Felechosa Tourist Information Point (Aller)      
  • Address: Carretera General,  33688 Felechosa - Aller.

Tourst Information Point “Asturian Pre-romanesque Didiactic Workshop” (Lena)                    
  •  Address: Antigua estación de La Cobertoria,  33637  El - Felgueras          
  •  Phone number:  985 49 76 06

Mieres Tourist Information Point
  • Address:  Carreño Miranda, s/n, Plaza de Requejo, 33600 Mieres
The Central Mountain of Asturias is in the south of Principado de Asturias. It stretches 955 square kilometres where there are 83.000 inhabitants distributed among the councils Aller, Lena, Mieres, Morcín, Ribera de Arriba and Riosa.

It is called Puerta de Asturias (Asturias’ Gate) because it is the main entrance to the Principado from the plateau of Castile. It is very well communicated with the rest of the region.

The region is charactised by the contrast between two distinguished landscapes, the natural and the industrial ones, which are perfectly in harmony and allow the visitor to find the most varied sceneries.

It is a destination you cannot miss, where nature, industrial heritage, artistic legacy and gastronomy go hand in hand in order to enjoy wonderful days.

Turism offices in the Central Mountian of Asturias

The Central Mountain (Montaña Central) offers tourist information all over the year in three tourist offices and reinformes this service during high seasons, putting at the disposal of the tourists an office in Riosa and three tourist information points, one in Felechosa (Aller), other one in Plaza de Requexu in Mieres and a third one in the Intepretation Classroom of the Pre-romanesque in La Cobertoria de Lena.

In all this tourist offices and information points, you can ask for information brochures about the Central Mountain region and Asturias.

Tourist Offices:

Tourist Office in Aller

    Open all year long
    Address: Complejo Cívico Deportivo - Caborana
    Phone: 985 48 14 39

Tourist Office in Lena

    Open all year long
    Address: Marqués de San Feliz 2  - La Pola
    Phone: 985 49 76 08

Tourist Office in Mieres

   Abierta todo el año
    Address: Manuel Llaneza 8  - Mieres
    Phone: 985 45 05 33

Tourist Office in Riosa

    Open from June toSeptembre.
Address: La Ará  c/ La Fuente , 1 -La Vega
    Phone: 985 76 62 65