From Santibanes de Murias to Cabañaquinta

Santibanes de Murias - Cabañaquinta
Starting point:
Santibanes de Murias
Ending point:
mtb 2.45 hours
Hiking 3.30 hours
Councils it goes through: Aller
Accumulated ascent gradient: 626 m
Accumulated descent gradient: 904 m
Maximum height: 1201m
Minimum height: 405m
cyclability: 100%
  • Coto Bello Panoramic View
  • Soto Keep


Sin incidencias.
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Altimetria 5

Description of the stage and stretches

The fifth stage of the GR-208 “Cycle Loop Central Mountain” starts in the surroundings of Santibanes de Murias, going down the road AE-3. Then we take the first turnoff to the right which goes up through a path signposted as PR-AS 133 y 236, and is part of the GR-109 “Asturias Interior”. We continue through the path which will be shortly flatter. We soon arrive to the village Villar, we go through it towards the east heading Coto Bello through a rising stretch.

Step by step the Cycle Loop is gaining altitude. Farther ahead, we turn right and leave the path PR-AS 133 and now the route goes through a smoother stretch, crossing a wide forest towards Moreda (north-west direction).

Once we leave the forest, the GR-208 goes up until we reach the steep slope in Curriellos. After reaching the summit, we will have an amazing panoramic view over the Cabañaquinta Valley and the mountain ranges next to it, such as Navaliego, which divides the councils Aller and Mieres. In Curriel.los, the GR-208 turns right towards the meadowlands in Coto Bello connecting with the track that goes up to Renorios, and then we turn right in order to cross the meadowlands in Braña de Sote towards Coto Bello road.

In this point we turn left and we star going down through a paved road until we reach La Collaína, where we connect with a wide flat area in which starts the spur road that goes down to Soto. This is a pronounced descent where vehicles and cattle pass.

In the village Soto and in front of the keep, we turn right and take a concrete lane that takes us to Espineo. We leave behind a gate and several houses and we take a path through meadowlands until we reach Aller river, which we cross through a suspension bridge. Here there is no choice but crossing with extreme care and attention the train tracks. We finish the stage in front of the train station of the capital of the council.

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The stage in photos

From Santibanes de Murias to Cabañaquinta
  • From Santibanes de Murias to Cabañaquinta
  • From Santibanes de Murias to Cabañaquinta
  • From Santibanes de Murias to Cabañaquinta
  • From Santibanes de Murias to Cabañaquinta