From La to La Peña

La - La Peña
Starting point:
Ending point:
La Peña
mtb 3.30 hours
Hiking 5.30 hours
Councils it goes through: Mieres
Accumulated ascent gradient: 616 m
Accumulated descent gradient: 1,276,0 m
Maximum height: 973m
Minimum height: 184m
cyclability: 97%
  • Monument to the Miner
  • Polio Shaft
  • La Colladiella and La Teyerona Panoramic Views
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Altimetria 7

Description of the stage and stretches

The seventh stage of the GR-208 “Cycle Loop Central Mountain” (Anillo Ciclista Montaña Central) leaves from the Alto La Colladiella and, after crossing the road AS-337, we take the Cabañón Green Way. So, then, we go up through a track towards a stretch that goes down through concrete roads from Pontaos to the Alto de la Mozqueta or Alto La Faya. From then on, we cross the local road LA-7 and we take the track towards Ablaneo and Urbiés. Shortly before and from a vantage point, we can gaze at Samuño Valley (Langreo).

The stretch continues in a flat level through a track which it shares with the path PR-44, above Sierra de Rubíes, until we arrive at the height of Panda Peak, which is surrounded for taking an ascending turnoff, leaving aside other one which goes to San Xusto.

The GR-208 goes up to Pico Cogullu, although the path goes beneath the council dividing line through Mieres slope. In La Violar, we turn right and we take a track beneath the Felechosa, Mata Porrín and Espines Peak, where the Cycle Loop goes on descending through the Sierra del Rebullu towards the village El Cau.

From El Cau, we take the road MI-11 and we go down through it until we reach the Alto de Santu Miano, whose road has to be crossed carefully in order to take the path in the other side. The PR-44 “Sendero Vuelta a Langreo” passes through this path. At the height of Domingo Moro, the GR-208 turns left towards the village L’Acíu, which is surrounded, and then we take the path which bypasses the Borrón del Corralón, in order to take an ascent and reach, thus, the Collado Muezca, towards the base of the Pico Campón.

From this point, we start a sinuous itinerary and continue towards La Teyerona Recreational Area, where we take a concrete lane which goes through the slope of La Peña towards the village La Matiná. We leave this village in the first turnoff which goes down the slope. This itinerary has some stretches which are quite technical. They are short stretches which we leave when we reach Les Casetes (Requintín) where we start going down without a break trough paved roads until La Peña, whose sports centre is the end of the stage.

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From La to La Peña
  • From La to La Peña
  • From La to La Peña
  • From La to La Peña
  • From La to La Peña