From Viapara (Riosa) to La Peral Valley (L.lena/Lena)

Viapará - La Peral
Starting point:
Recreation Area of Viapara
Ending point:
Recreation Area La Peral Valley
mtb 3.30 hours
Hiking 6.30 hours
Councils it goes through: Riosa, Lena
Accumulated ascent gradient: 1,180,0 m
Accumulated descent gradient: 1,251,0 m
Maximum height: 989m
Minimum height: 459m
cyclability: 95%
  • Rioseco mining town
  • Viapará Panoramic view
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Altimetria 2

Description of the stage and stretches

This second stage of the GR-208 ‘Cycle Loop of the Central Mountain’ begins from the Recreation Area Viapará, located right in the ascent to the Angliru summit. We travel through this itinerary until we arrive at Curva de L.Lagos, where the GR-208 leaves the pavement roads and enters through a wide track towards Campa Utiel. Once we arrive here, we have two possible routes: a hiking one, which goes over Les Arroxines and follows the “GR-206 Balcones de Riosa” itinerary and ends in Rozacaxil; and othe one which is more appropriate for cyclists and goes through the descent track from the Campa Utiel turnoff until we reach the road that links Riosa with the village Llamo (RI-6), where we have to turn right and, through a pavement road, we reach Rozacaxil. From this moment onwards, the itinerary is common to both disciplines and it continues through the road until we reach L.lamo.

In the village L.lamo, we take the concrete lane which goes up towards the old mining facilities in Rioseco, and we continue through the track which goes up towards Cordal de la Segada, reaching the hill La Argañosa.

This ascent allows us to gaze at two valleys: Riosa and Lena. In the Collado La Argañosa, we continue through the road turning to the right towards La Golpeya, which we will recognise thanks to a spring we will find to the right, a little bit above our head. It continues right ahead through a track towards the Collado Ablanedo, passing by Prau Llagu, through the track Brañal.lamosa, which
we leave towards Collado Ablanedo.

From this point we can gaze Brañal.lamosa and La Peral Valleys, which belong to Lena council. Then we turn right trough a steep slope towards Collau Puercu and we continue through open spaces until the road AS-230 which goes up to the Alto de La Cobertoria.

Once in the road AS-230, we cross it and start going down towards the La Peral Valley Recreation Area, ending point of this second stage. In La Golpeya, we can also take the turnoff to a road which is linked to the road AS-230 in a point next to La Peral Valley Recreation Area.

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The stage in photos

From Viapara (Riosa) to La Peral Valley (L.lena/Lena)
  • From Viapara (Riosa) to La Peral Valley (L.lena/Lena)
  • From Viapara (Riosa) to La Peral Valley (L.lena/Lena)
  • From Viapara (Riosa) to La Peral Valley (L.lena/Lena)
  • From Viapara (Riosa) to La Peral Valley (L.lena/Lena)