From Sotiel.lo to Santibanes de Murias

Sotiel.lo - Santibanes de Murias
Starting point:
Ending point:
Santibanes de Murias
mtb 5 hours
Hiking 7 hours
Councils it goes through: Lena, Aller
Accumulated ascent gradient: 1,763,0 m
Accumulated descent gradient: 1,452,0 m
Maximum height: 1616m
Minimum height: 420m
cyclability: 100%
  • Bendueños Sanctuary
  • Route of Santiago de Compostela
  • El Rasón Panoramic View
  • Archeological site in Vía La Carisa
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Altimetria 4

Description of the stage and stretches

The fourth stage of the GR-208 “Cycle Loop Central Mountain" (Anillo Ciclista Montaña Central) goes on through Lena council and it leaves from the village Sotiello. We take the path that goes under the highway A-66 towards Bendueños. It is ascent with some stretches which are very steep. From this ascents we have amazing views of both La Cordal and Campomanes Valley itself.

Once we are in Bendueños, we take the paved lane which reaches the village Erías. Here we turn right towards the spur road which the Route of Santiago de Compostela goes through and has old roads and paths.
We leave behind Saint Miguel's Church, which offers amazing views over Fierros Valley and the hill range we will have to overcome, 'La Carisa'. But before this we continue from Fresneo towards Fierros. The last part of this stretch goes through paved lanes.

In Fierros we cross the road N-630 with caution, taking the road towards Parana, where we leave pavement in order to start the hardest ascent in the Cycle Loop from Parana to the top of La Carisa. This is a long and prolonged ascent which goes through wide stretches with a good road surface. Little by little we climb  until La Fasgosa Mine, which stands out over the valley.
We arrive to the top of the Cordal de La Carisa and, therefore, to the 'Tunelón', where we turn left towards the 'Portillín de la Boya'. This is a short but hard ascent through the spur road to the right, in parallel to the GR-109 “Asturias Interior” and also crossing the GR-100.1 “La Carisa”. This route allows us to change to other slope. Then, we arrive to Aller council, where we can gaze at the awesome landscape of Murias Valley and the following hill ranges which mark this council.

Once we are in Aller's slope, we have a constant descent, first towards El Rasón, crossing the meadowlands in order to go back to the GR-109 “Asturias Interior”; and, second, go down towards Puente Viejo, where it links with the road that takes us to Santibanes de Murias.

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  • 1
    Stretch 1

    From Sotiello to Fierros

    9.2 km  
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