From Bueño (La Ribera/Ribera de Arriba) to Viapara (Riosa)

Bueño - Viapará
Starting point:
Recreation Area of Bueño
|How to get there
Ending point:
Recreation Area of Viapara
mtb 2,30 hours
Hiking 3 hours
Councils it goes through: Ribera de Arriba, Morcín, Riosa
Accumulated ascent gradient: 1,322,0 m
Accumulated descent gradient: 791 m
Maximum height: 677m
Minimum height: 108m
cyclability: 90%
  • Ethnographic Complex
  • Afilorios Panoramic view
  • Peñerues Tower
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Altimetria 1

Description of the stage and stretches

The GR-208 ‘Cycle Loop of the Central Mountain (Montaña Central)’ leaves from the Sports Area in El Llosalín (Güeñu/Bueño) and continues through the riverside pathway next to Nalón River, which is crossed in order to get to the village Palombar, following the itinerary of the PR- 240.
From Palombar the route goes on through local paths until it gets to the neighbourhood La Villa and from this point onwards the paved lane is shared until Fuexos, where there is an exit to a concrete track towards the fork next to Casa del Malato. Here the route continues though the left strand which is paved until La Mortera.
Now the route continues towards the valley and it goes on through a steep slope towards Campo de Peñerúes.

In  Peñerúes, the GR-208 leaves the itinerary of the PR-143 “Ruta del Angliru”  and it passes through a local road in Los Duernos until San Xuan de La Piñera, where the GR comes back to roads of soil surface over El Vallín. This stretch is more technical until it arrives at La Vara.

In La Vara, it crosses the village in order to take again the soil path and passing through muddy areas such as La Salguera. When it gets to La Carbayosa, it crosses it through the main street.

Then it goes on through the road MO-1 towards the road that goes up to L’angliru (RI-5). It is a paved stretch with a legnth of 3.600 metres. This first stage of the Cycle Loop of the Central Mountain ends here.

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    Stretch 1

    From Bueño to Palombar

    0.0 km  
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The stage in photos

From Bueño (La Ribera/Ribera de Arriba) to Viapara (Riosa)
  • From Bueño (La Ribera/Ribera de Arriba) to Viapara (Riosa)
  • From Bueño (La Ribera/Ribera de Arriba) to Viapara (Riosa)
  • From Bueño (La Ribera/Ribera de Arriba) to Viapara (Riosa)
  • From Bueño (La Ribera/Ribera de Arriba) to Viapara (Riosa)